About Me

I'm a cook by trade, with a heavy hand for the seasoning, thus creating the name "salty sam". As time went on, and my confidence grew, Salty Sam soon became "Salty Bitch" as I quickly learned to be assertive, decisive and passionate in a world that has been dominated by men. So I've decided to reclaim the word that is used to belittle women's progress in positions of authority, and use it instead as a symbol of empowerment.


Born and raised on Vancouver Island, the rich nature of the pacific north west has always been inspiring to me. Photography was always something I wanted to sink my teeth into but lacked the time. After getting Kira, my husky mutt, I wanted to document her puppy hood and I decided to create her an Instagram, semi jokingly. I had no idea of the dog community that awaited me, I've made some amazing connections, some I even consider my friends. Some of the humans behind the camera were incredible photographers and I was inspired to finally pick the camera up again after a 6 year hiatus.